NESPN Community Learning Centre (DECD) Staff

  • photo of Liam Davis
    Liam Davis
    Leader - Community
    Learning Centre
  • photo of Amelia Molnar
    Amelia Molnar
    SACE Subject Teacher
  • photo of Laura Luongo
    Laura Luongo
    DECD Senior Leader &
    NESPN Executive Officer
  • photo of Daniel Keenan
    Daniel Keenan
    IT Technician

Baptist Care SA

  • photo of Tracey Sutton
    Tracey Sutton
    Team Leader &
    Case Manager
  • photo of Hannah Burke
    Hannah Burke
    Case Manager
  • photo of Jeff Feder
    Jeff Feder
    Case Manager
  • photo of Fabian Fusco
    Fabian Fusco
    Case Manager
  • photo of Jenni McLean
    Jenni McLean
    Case Manager
  • photo of Shanna Scott
    Shanna Scott
    Case Manager


  • photo of Tanya Martlow
    Tanya Martlow
    It's My Life Certificate I
  • photo of Dennis Prior
    Dennis Prior
    ESD Certificate I & II


  • photo of Monique Bekirovski
    Monique Bekirovski
  • photo of Heather Ithell
    Heather Ithell


Meet our amazing team! This team list represents who is based on-site full-time and/or regularly come to the CLC to deliver programs.

We also work with a number of service providers who deliver Case Management and accredited and non-accredited courses. Links to these providers can be found in Useful Links.