The following are currently running at the NESPN CLC. These change depending on student numbers and needs.

Soul Good

Soul Good is a program aimed to engage young people in the areas of general health and wellbeing; with a strong focus on things that are ‘good for the soul’. The program will start with a short walk; getting the young people out and about in their community, followed by a discussion surrounding the week’s chosen topic, and followed by cooking a meal together as a group.

Work Smart

This program aims to assist and educate students in how to get work ready and to give them the knowledge and skills they need to apply for jobs. This program will look at individual working styles based on their personality styles as well as build positive relationships.

G.A.M.E – Gaming, Anime, Mentoring and Engagement

Focus on building self-confidence, social skills and creativity by using pop cultural references within the realm of gaming and anime.

The Creative Hub

This program aims to engage young people to discover their inner self by working with the community on group projects using recycled materials. The Creative Hub is a supportive and safe place for young people to engage and explore their creative abilities with the aim of exhibiting and displaying their projects to the community. The space also provides the option for individuals to work self-paced on their own pieces.

Where's Your Head @?

Wheres your head at (WYHA), is a strengths-based well being engagement program aimed at supporting young people to develop emotional regulation, increased self esteem and improve social skills. Wellbeing topics will include mental health, relationships, safety, emotions and self growth, linked together with regular mindfulness practices.


At the NESPN CLC, Baptist Care delivers a wide range of Engagement Programs. These programs have been designed for students to engage in areas of cooking, construction, Art, Gaming and more! Not only do students have fun, they develop important life-skills.

photo of students preparing food