Student Successes

Student Successes


Isabelle commenced the FLO Program in term 1 2018 and had been disengaged from school due to complex family difficulties. During Isabelle’s FLO journey she has overcome many barriers including the passing of her mother. As a result of this devastating loss Isabelle became independent, as well as the main carer to her younger brother.

Living in her own accommodation under these tough circumstances, Isabelle had no option but to adapt to the changes and responsibilities with a maturity beyond her 15 years.

Despite this, Isabelle maintained remarkable attendance at the CLC, successfully completing SACE Stage 1 PLP, Maths,1 semester of English, Certificate II in Education Skills Development. Isabelle has also completed a Cert II in Animal Studies this semester which has led her to an opportunity to undertake a 3 month paid internship at a local doggy day care centre with the potential to transition into a traineeship.

Isabelle is an inspiration to us all and proves that you can achieve what you put your mind to.

The CLC is extremely proud of Isabelle’s success


Jake began at the CLC in semester 1 in 2018 and has had excellent attendance in his classes and case management from the beginning. He is a vocal, energetic and social member of the CLC. Jake is also a veteran of the G.A.M.E. engagement program and is happy to share his thoughts on gaming and anime with anyone who is willing to listen.

Jake has progressed well with his SACE studies, and is currently completing Stage 1 Essential English and is well underway with his Research Project. Jake plans to enrol in a second semester of Essential Mathematics and Integrated Learning next semester. Additionally, enticed by the delicious food prepared by the Soul Good engagement program, Jake has signed up to participate in term 3.

With his keen interest in game animation and design, Jake is working towards an opportunity to undertake a Cert III in Game Design Fundamentals in 2020 as he continues with his SACE pathway.

Jake has displayed each of the NESPN CLC’s values of respect, courage, personal best, diversity and resilience, on numerous occasions.

Thank you Jake for your cheerful and positive contribution to the NESPN CLC!



Liam first started attending the CLC at the beginning of this year and was yet to complete any SACE subjects and gain SACE points. Liam found getting distracted very easy while at school and this made it difficult for him to focus and complete his assessments.

The smaller class sizes at the CLC have helped Liam to remain focussed during lesson time and also afforded him greater access to teacher support. With new motivation Liam has been able to complete his Personal Learning Plan (PLP), a semester of Stage 1 Essential English, a full year of Stage 1 Essential Mathematics and is on track to complete Integrated Learning and a large portion of a Certificate II in Education Skills Development (ESD).

As well as the amazing progress that Liam has made with his SACE pathway, Liam has undertaken Barista/Hygiene training and is enrolled to undertake the Learner’s short course next term to gain his learner’s permit.

Liam has also engaged with many activities at the CLC including volunteering in the Bean Buggy program making delicious coffees, learning important life skills in Soul Good cooking and participating in the Youth Voice Program.

Great Work Liam!



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