SACE Stage 1

SACE Stage 1

Personal Learning Plan (PLP) (10 Credits)

PLP is based around the personal development of each individual student in aspects such as interpersonal skills, goal setting and future aspirations. Students will investigate effective work-place practices, employability skills and create personal transition plans.

Essential English (2 Semesters) (20 Credits)

Running a full year, Essential English allows FLO students to complete their compulsory English requirement. The subject is based around the students gaining an understanding of different styles of communication. Examples include developing creative writing skills, analysing different forms of media and developing grammar skills through a variety of multi-modal assessments.

Essential Mathematics (2 Semesters) (20 Credits)

Essential Mathematics allows FLO students to complete their compulsory mathematics requirement. The subject is catered toward developing a basic understanding of the use of mathematics in everyday life. Students only require 10 SACE credits to complete the Numeracy requires for their SACE, however the CLC offers 20 credits for students that wish to complete a full year of mathematics.

Integrated Learning – (10 Credits per program) (offered based on enrollments)

Integrated Learning is delivered with a specific program focus area worth 10 credits each. In the past, programs have focussed on; Conservation, Food and Nutrition, Sleep and Memory research, Creative Arts, History of Cinema and Ethics. Each of these subjects include; group work and student collaboration, building skills and knowledge on the particular program focus and research skills based on particular aspects of the programs that are of interest to students.

Literacy and Numeracy Skills Development – (Up to 20 credits)

This course is designed to help young people update their educational, vocational and social skills and to support improvement in literacy and numeracy development. This program supports student learning incorporating life skills, employment skills, communication skills in preparation for further study and employment pathways.

Self-Directed Community Learning - (10-20 credits)

Students can count up to 90 credits of Community Learning at Stage 1. An individual activity outside of school such as participating in a sport, acting as a carer, volunteering and more can be assessed. Students will sit an interview with a Community Assessor Trained teacher, where they will provide evidence of their learning outside the classroom.



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