SACE Stage 2

SACE Stage 2

Research Project (10 credits)

Research Project allows the students to research a topic of their interest, using a research question to build a report discussing their findings. The subject focuses in building effective research skills through planning and undertaking research and ultimately reflecting on their experiences.

Essential English Stage 2 (Full year) (20 Credits)

Stage 2 Essential English enables students to investigate, analyse and interpret a range of texts that build upon their written and verbal communication skills. In Stage 2, the use of language is explored thoroughly as students examine the impact language has in a variety of contexts including social, cultural and technical.

Community Studies B – (up to 40 Credits)

Students undertake the 5 VET unit competencies listed below in conjunction with 5 Community Studies B assessment tasks with a focus on hospitality training. Once completed students can achieve up to 40 Stage 2 Credits.

SITHFAB002 – Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol

SITHFAB004– Prepare and Serve non-alcoholic beverages

SITHFAB005 – Prepare and Serve Espresso Coffee

SITHFAB007 – Serve Food and Beverages

SITXFSA001 – Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety

TOTAL: 140 Nominal hours

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