Vet Opportunities

On-site VET Course:

Certificate III Business (up to 70 Stage 2 credits)

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students the skills and knowledge required to transition effectively into a workplace environment.

Benefits for students

Will acquire skills to be ‘work ready’

Will be valuable members of any organisation

Program Outline

All units have been contextualised to meet general workplace requirements, providing learners with the skills necessary to work across a range of industries and occupations.

This nationally recognised qualification will introduce the fundamental basics of business and incorporate employability skills, the essential skills linking academic studies and employment.

To gain full accreditation of Certificate III Business, Learners will be required to complete a total of 12 units of competency.

For more information head to NEVO

Off-site VET Courses:

Being part of the NESPN CLC and FLO Program, allows you to have access to a range of Accredited Courses. These courses may be delivered on or off-site.

Accredited courses can go towards your SACE. For example, selected Certificate I & II courses can go towards your Stage 1 credits & selected Certificate III courses can go towards your Stage 2 credits. You will work with your Case Manager and NESPN CLC Coordinator, to map out a suitable SACE pathway.

Courses Include:

Course enrolment is dependent on availability and student readiness.

The North Eastern Vocational Opportunities (NEVO) group also offer a range of VET courses based in many of the Schools and Learning sites across the North East. NESPN CLC students may also be able access learning opportunities through NEVO to build on their chosen career pathways.

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