‘The goal of career development work is to assist individuals develop the skills and knowledge to effectively manage their careers.’ (McMahon & Tatham, 2008, p 11)

Career and Transition Pathways Program

The NESPN Community Learning Centre intends to support students to develop a set of skills to help plan their pathways through the Community Learning Centre and beyond.

Each young people will have a personalised pathway, which includes an achievable destination in further education and/or employment. Our Transition focus, will allow NESPN Community Learning Centre students to connect themselves, to their community, careers, vocational pathway and lifelong learning.

At NESPN Community Learning Centre we will ensure that:

  • Students connect their strengths and learning with strategies and resources to make informed choices and to plan their future education, training and life opportunities.
  • Students have a high degree of ownership of the learning process. A Learning Pathway Plan that helps students to plan, prepare and achieve goals with direction and to create the future they want.
  • We provide programs and support student well-being.
  • We provide Quality Vocational Education and Training, Career and Transition Mapping which enables students to complete the SACE and transition to further education.
  • All students will develop a Transition Portfolio enables students to collect education results, career planning, work placement, references and community participation.
  • We provide opportunities to develop skills in networking within the community, incorporating agencies and work placements.
  • Students will acquire employment and life skills that enable them to be independent, confident and active members of the workforce and community.
  • A Transition Pathway Plan connects each student to his or her planned future beyond school. This prepares students with all the information, which links them to agencies and organizations that can support their further education, training and/ or work.
  • Students have access to quality work ready programs

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